The first Stage of the TR Pattern Cutting Master Course

On Friday 9th February and Saturday 10th February 2018, The Fashion Technology Academy held stage 1 of the two day TR Pattern Cutting Master course with Claudette Joseph.


Claudette Joseph is a TR pattern super master and runs an annual TR Pattern Cutting workshop with the creator and founder of TR Pattern Cutting Shingo Shato. During the two day course, students were able to review the technical of the TR concept and to practice out creatively on a half bodice and half skirt.

Overall, stage 1 was a success! Claudette educated students about the essential functions of TR Pattern Cutting and demonstrated the practical methods to use for their creations. Claudette will be teaching the transformation of a sleeve and a bodice, as well as applying the vortex technique onto a bodice or half skirt in stage 2 of the TR Pattern Cutting Master Course.

Here are few comments students made after the class;

“It was a fantastic two days of learning with Claudette! She is an incredible teacher! I am speechless about what I have learnt, so glad I did it” Chioma

“I have learnt multiple new skills including the creation of a ribbon skirt and dart absorption. I have had a great two days! I am shocked at what we have achieved. Claudette is a great teacher! I can’t wait to start the next stage!” Aimee

If you are interested in joining the next course email education@fashion-enter.com, we have three hour taster sessions available plus two day master courses