Pattern Cutting

All too often employers comment that there is a lack of industry based pattern cutters; that current graduates are too conceptual and patterns are not fit for purpose intended in industry today.

The FTA Perfect Pattern course concentrates on accurate patterns that aim to be right first time. Core basics of anatomical fit combined with fabric considerations and commercial tolerances are thoroughly reviewed and integrated into the teaching. The FTA has over 30 Alvanon fit forms to ensure that all body profiles are reviewed plus the skilled experts from the live Factory and Fashion Studio disseminate the industry’s best kept secrets to ensure perfect patterns are created.

It is important to note that Fashion Enter wrote this qualification with SEG Awards. There was not a pertinent qualification available to successfully deliver the Perfect Pattern aims and objectives this alone reflects the high standards of attainment the company strives to achieve at all levels.

SEG Awards Level: 1 Certificate Fashion and Textiles (500/4330/4) – Perfect Patterns with Design

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