Factory Tours and Seminars

Fashion-Enter Ltd’s (FEL) core production centres on womenswear in both jersey and woven fabrics, being manufactured by a team of highly experienced machinists that are from 12 different countries.  

During the visit there is a live factory tour where there will be a review of cutting methodologies, stitching, all industrial machines, pressing, quality control plus there is deep dive into all production processes to understand the production methods that are used.  

The factory is focused on speed of response quality production, from concept to delivery within a 2-3-week lead time. There is a unique transparent system called Galaxius that enables data to show who made what garment, when and how much they were paid, which prevents infringement of the Modern Slavery Act. This additionally provides FEL with constant improvement in efficiencies for optimum quality product.

FEL, an award-winning social enterprise, understands the need for total transparency within the supply chain. FEL is the only factory in the UK today with a leading status in the Fast Forward audit and also has SMETA audit with no noncompliances.  

FEL is a UK garment supplier and factory working with ASOS, The Very Group, N Brown Group and Community Clothing. They also have a Fashion Studio where premium garment production is made for companies such as Louisa Parris and Saville Row Tailors Gormley & Gamble.  

Over the last 17years FEL has given students at Higher Education, Further Education and Secondary Schools a unique and invaluable insight into the world of Fashion, Garment Production, Sustainability, Ethics, and Innovation.  

FEL has two SMETA and Fast Forward approved factories in London and Wales, producing up to 20,000 units a week.  


“Great tips for the students as potential buyers. What to look out for and great to get real cost and time ideas. Thank-you, really insightful, I have been to a few factories in my time but really enjoyed it. 10 out of 10.” – Course Leader 

“I have learnt more in-depth practices that can help me be better at my job and understand it better. Very in-depth tour, very well organised, great presentation with lots of information. Really enjoyed visiting a working factory.” – M&S Garment Tech 

“I have learned a lot about sustainability and greenwashing. It was very informative and helpful for my project.” – Student at the Fashion Retail Academy 

If you require further information or would like discuss flexibility on datestimes or duration, please contact Caroline Ash: caroline@fashion-enter.com  

The educational factory site visit includes: 

A two, three or four-hour Tour and Seminar 

Up to a maximum of 20 students 

• Tailor-made to suit the studies and level of education of the students.  


We can accommodate our tours for other non-fashion sectors such as Business Studies, Marketing, Engineering and Foreign Students. We can also provide unique careers advice reviewing the different professions within the industry and entry eligibility. 

The tours take place at the London factory based in Haringey and includes a tour of the Factory, Fashion Studio and Pattern Room plus a seminar covering the garment life cycle within an ethical Factory. FEL has recently invested in an innovative micro factory concept and is leading the way in digital printing and cutting technologies.

Tours can be tailor-made to suit the delegates requirements, job roles and level of experience and works particularly well for Buying, Merchandising, Design, Garment Tech, Sourcing, Ethical and Sustainability managers. We even have slanted our tours towards Business, Engineering, Foreign Tours and have recently run seminars with large financial institutions advising on investment.