International Visitors Blown Away By Style3D on FEL’s Factory Tour

This week, commencing 8th July, Fashion-Enter Ltd HQ in north London had three groups of international visitors for the popular Factory Uncovered seminar and tour.

Led by FEL Director, Caroline Ash, she said: “We had all international tours this week. The first was Kensington Park Summer School who enjoyed the seminar and the tutors saying it was the best tour they had! 

“We then had a group of international students who were studying Creative and Fine Art, they were blown away by our Styleverse Innovation Centre and Style3D technology. 

“Finally, we had another summer school who were studying business, we had lots of interesting questions from this group and they loved the tour of the factory.” 

Feedback from the visitors included:

“Thank-you for a very informative afternoon, it was very insightful and you answered all our questions. The presentation combined with the factory tour visit was very good. Thank-you for all the effort you put into the session, you’re a great speaker.”

“I have learnt about Style3D and AI to help create patterns. I learnt a lot of things about the fashion industry.”

“I have learnt all about the fashion industry and how it works. Thank-you! It was interesting and informative.”

“I got a tour of the factory and learned how clothes are made, along with information about design. Thank-you it was interesting.”

“Interesting to learn that in 10-years time we will be making our own clothes with the help of AI. Everything was great!”

“I found out about important business terms and the way clothing production works.”