Insider London Takes the Factory Uncovered Seminar and Tour

Insider London offers a wide variety of educational tours and seminars that are industry-specific and showcase London’s many dimensions as a world-leading city. This week, 27th June, FEL welcomed an Insider London group of twelve individuals wanting to hear Fashion-Enter Ltd’s story and experience how a leading, sustainable fashion manufacturer operates.

Led by FEL CEO Jenny Holloway, she explained the garment life cycle from initial design concept to finished product ready for dispatch, as well as FEL’s core business principles. Taking the group around the factory the visitors were able to see Style3D, small scale production and repairs in progress.

Feedback from the group included:

“Overall very interesting, I enjoyed the demos and seeing the work in real life.”

“The progression of AI is crazy and the innovation in the fashion industry is amazing. Loved hearing about this industry and the process of owning your own business the highs and lows.”

“I learnt about fashion AI and how it is progressing rapidly, importance of perseverance and sustainable practices in fashion, such as repairs, etc.”

“This seminar was great and I liked how the presentation style was.”

“I loved this! I would love to be a buyer for a retail company and eventually down my own company. I loved the use of AI and find it fascinating how it can be used in sustainable ways.”

“I enjoyed hearing about decision making processes around the fashion industry and about the company as well.”