Fashion Retail Academy Students Tour the Factory

4th April 2022 This week began with a group visit from a cohort of Fashion Retail Academy students. From the outset the group were enthusiastic to learn about Fashion-Enter’s compliant factory and how it operates. Led by Production Director Caroline Ash the seminar and tour was adapted to incorporate key topics in line with the students course.

The group of 12 got to experience the factory in action as Caroline took the students to each section and explained what was happening. Many students within the group are looking to enter a buying career so Caroline was keen to share information and knowledge about buyer and supplier relationships and how both parties can work effectively together. She also covered health and safety, the dark side of fashion, sustainability, construction processes, workers rights and how technology is supporting the sector.

Feedback comments from the students included:

“I learnt about efficient manufacturing, how and what needs to be submitted to start production, also the bad side of the industry such as trafficking which can happen inside the industry. I was very grateful for the detailed information and I hope to use you in the future.”

“This was a very insightful seminar, I found out about the many processes a garment has to go through to get it ready for sale.”

“I learnt about the process of buyer and supplier collaboration. Good factory working environment, great to see and experience. Thank-you, all very interesting.”

“I found out a lot about the overall journey of a garment and critical paths. The workings of a UK factory.”

“I learnt about the whole process in the factory and how it all works. Really informative speaker – loved the talk.”

“Cool place, liked the vibe. Thanks for the afternoon.”

“I found out about how suppliers work and what their relationships are with a brand. I also found out about the differences in manufacturing between fast fashion and high end.”