Due to high demand and excellent success levels, the FTA is expanding the offer of the Tailoring courses in the new Tailoring Academy which has been supported by industry, the Mayors Good Growth Fund and Haringey Council. The Tailoring Academy is the first in the UK to be supported by government.

With the rise of on-shoring of production within the UK there is now a greater demand for the finer skills of tailoring. The tailoring courses covers the area of design, pattern making, cutting, fitting and the final stitching of the tailored items including jackets, trousers, skirts, lined shift dresses and waistcoats.

The Tailoring Academy also offers bespoke tailoring which is a highly skilled, specialist profession that involves exacting standards of expertise and reliability. There is a growing market for quality garments made to specific requirements and there are excellent career prospects for skilled tailors and costume-makers. The Level 3 Bespoke Tailoring Course equips students with the skills, knowledge and professionalism needed to pursue a successful career in bespoke tailoring, costume making, or other specialist areas of garment production.

This is an ideal pre-apprenticeship course for our  Level 5 Diploma Bespoke Tailoring and Pattern Making  course.

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Certificate in Fashion & Textiles – Tailoring

This qualification has been designed in response to an identified industry need for specific programmes of learning within the fashion and textiles sector. It provides learners with specialist and transferable skills, engages them with current industry practice, and prepares them to progress onto further qualifications or employment opportunities.


Award - Introduction to Tailoring (500/4451/5)

Introduction to Tailoring is a 5 week courses which teaches you the fundamentals of tailoring profession. You will be taught the basic tailoring technical and practical skills involved in the hand production of tailored garments. This includes pattern cutting, blocks and construction techniques for specified tailored garments.


Certificate - Intermediary Tailoring (500/4448/5)

Intermediary Tailoring is an 18 week course which provides you with the knowledge and skills to produce hand crafted, tailored garments with specific components. You will undertake visits to master tailors to review how the bespoke heritage industry works. You will centre on hand techniques and understand the basics of hand finishing plus you will also review industrial tailoring techniques.


Diploma - Accelerator Bespoke Cutting & Tailoring (500/8986/9)

The Accelerator to Bespoke Cutting and Tailoring is a 24 week course that builds on the experience gained studying the pre-apprenticeship or previous experience in tailoring or any previous experience you may already have in tailoring.

This course will provide you with the skills and understanding you need to develop your career in bespoke tailoring or garment production centring on finite skills such as hand tacking and hand stitched buttonholes. There will be a strong emphasis on the bespoke luxury industry and how to develop excellent customer service skills



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