Textiles Care Operative Tutor at the FTA

Job Title: Textiles Care Operative Tutor

Area of Work: Fashion Technology Academy (FTA), London N4 1LZ

Reporting To: FTA Exec.

Job Purpose: To undertake teaching and related duties that fully supports students throughout their learning journey and provide them with a high quality learning experience. To use experience and knowledge to assist and train other staff within the FTA to enable individuals to perform to the best of their ability.

Main duties: 1. To teach and assess the Level 2 textiles Care Operative Apprenticeship Standards ensuring programme outcomes and criteria is fully met.

2. To promote the highest possible standards in teaching and assessing, IQA, customer care, equality & diversity, health & safety practices, PREVENT, safeguarding and all other associated requirements, for the benefit of learners and the wider community served by the FTA.

3. To safeguard and promote the welfare of all learners served by the FTA, including young people, vulnerable adults, SEN and ALN.

4. To participate in the learner recruitment process for all courses and qualifications including all IAG, diagnostics and inductions.

5. To identify, assess, and adapt to learners’ needs throughout the learners’ programme of study in line with the FTA’s and client’s Internal and External Quality Assurance (IQA and EQA) requirements in a timely manner.

6. To plan, design and deliver learning programmes/sessions and facilitate learning in line with course aims, objectives, type of assessment, accreditation and client requirements.

7. To monitor, evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of learning programmes, sessions and own practice. And to help other teachers and technicians to achieve the same high standards.

8. To undertake specific course leadership including; reporting on learners’ progress, be responsible for achievement rates and progression, to mentor other tutors to achieve the desired standard and ensure quality of teaching, learning, assessment and resources is outstanding.

9. To fully participate in, and assist with, external audits, quality assessments and accreditation applications/assessments.

10. To contribute to enrichment calendars and CPPD sessions where required and marketing activities and events.

Job Activities:

Learner Recruitment: 1. To assist in the admission and enrolment process of learners, in line with all agreed policies and procedures of the FTA, SFA and clients. And in doing so to seek to ensure that all students (actual and potential) are placed on the appropriate programme for their needs and abilities.

Identify and assess learners’ needs:

2. To assist learners in accessing learning support as appropriate and refer learners to the appropriate other areas of the business such as patterns, fashioncapital.co.uk etc.

3. To assist in the induction process and stages of Information Advice & Guidance (IAG) throughout the year, in line with agreed policies and procedures.

4. To work collaboratively with personal tutors to create and maintain trackers regularly.

5. To act as a tutor for an identified cohort(s) of learners and to take responsibility for all learning, assessment and action planning associated with the cohort. Complete all paperwork for the cohort in a timely manner.

6. To carry out assessments of learners in the workplace as required by the qualification’s standards

Plan, Design and Deliver Learning Programmes and Facilitate Learning

7. To provide high quality teaching and learning opportunities that maximise learner participation and involvement in all aspects of the learning process to stretch and challenge each learner.

8. To teach on appropriate courses and to undertake associated duties related to the learners’ progress, including contact logs, learner packs, and the assessment of work, providing feedback, setting targets, following up on attendance, writing reports and attending employer reviews.

9. To ensure that learners’ English, maths, and ICT skills are developed across all subject areas.

10. To use innovative, high quality learning methods, modes of delivery and resources, including E-Learning that are responsive to the needs of individual learners.

11. To create and develop high quality resources and programmes that stretches learning.

12. To undertake administrative and organisational duties associated with teaching including: processing of essential forms of data, preparation, marking of registers, assessments, examinations, educational guidance, scheme of work, lesson plans, group profile, individual learner profile, resource planning, VLE updates, and any other associated duties.

Monitor, Evaluate and Improve the Quality and Effectiveness of Learning Programmes, Sessions and Own Practice

13. To carry out course related quality processes and contribute to the preparation of documentation as appropriate.

14. To contribute to the self-assessment process, QIP and SAR.

15. To provide appropriate monitoring and quality documentation/statistics as required using standard FTA, SFA, awarding body, and client systems.

16. To attend meetings as appropriate, including all relevant team meetings held to monitor the learning experience, and to contribute to the implementation and review of action plans through the FTA quality assurance systems.

17. To undertake FTA training and development as required and to take responsibility for keeping themselves up to date with developments in their professional area and also in the practice of teaching and learning.

Course Leadership:

18. To carry out tasks related to a cohort including induction, examination entry, recording of results and progression and discipline records and to report on the progress of individuals and the cohort.

19. To participate in careers events/open days and other marketing opportunities as appropriate and assist in the preparation of course leaflets and publicity materials.

20. To manage student behaviour in line with published policy and procedure, in classrooms and generally across FTA.

21. To develop learners’ employability skills and identify work related and other progression opportunities for learners.

22. To promote equality and diversity in the delivery and practice of the Curriculum Area.

23. To act as an assessor and internal verifier, as appropriate.


24. To provide assistance and cover for colleagues as necessary, taking on additional projects as required.

To apply please send your CV to andres@fashion-enter.com