Production Garment Supervisor - Wales

Job Title:       

Production Garment Supervisor

Reporting to:   
Factory Manager

Location: Wales

Experience required:

Experienced industrial supervisor that has knowledge of working with retailers or etailers in fashion. Needs knowledge of garment construction and garment making minutes so can aid a busy team of 20 machinists. Ideally has a minimum of five years working as a machinist in a factory using overlocker, flat, coverstitch and buttonhole/buttonhole attach. Full time position available on PAYE  

Overall purpose of the job:

To ensure garments produced at the factory are made in the most time efficient way and meet our customer’s quality standards.

Key (Major) Responsibilities:

•    Set up each new style on the line ensuring the optimum efficiency and ease of make is achieved.
•    Carry out quality spot checks assisting machinists in their continuous improvement of efficiency and quality. 
•    Monitor all quality feedback and implementing actions to resolve issues. 
•    Strive to maintain a ‘Right first time’ record.
•    Try out machinists on different machines and operations, ascertaining their optimum skill set
•    Trial all new machinist ascertaining if they are right for the role 
•    Work with the Factory Manager to ensure maximum efficiency from machinists, finding more efficient ways of making the garments.
•    Liaise with the London office on any queries regarding production.
•    Set up machines accordingly for machinists and take responsibility for machine parts
•    Ensure machinist treat their machines properly and with respect, carrying out basic maintenance where necessary 
•    Monitor and arrange repair of broken machinery and if required collect all parts in a safe manner (i.e needle parts).
•    Arrange regular documented  services for the machines
•    Ensure machinist maintain a clean and safe work area. 
•    Identify the correct machine settings and tensions required for different fabrics and styles.
•    Ensure all new samples are factory friendly and efficiently made, working with the factory manager. 
•    Instigate any training and improvement that is needed on the factory floor.
•    Ensure all factory floor adhere to our needle and sharps policies 
•    Ensure all machinist are scanning correctly and accurately on Galaxius (our computer system).
•    Ensure a sealed sample is present for the factory detailing all areas of concern and a graded spec sheet. Following this sealer for production 
•    Alerting the production team to any changes that will affect the price or increase the fabric consumption
•    Maintain an inventory of tools and supplies.

Other requirements:

Wear protective clothing (i.e closed toe shoes) and have hair tied back at all times.
Attend events and engage on social media platforms for Fashion-Enter Ltd

To apply please email annabellalewis@fashion-enter.com or call 01686 248148