Reporting To:

Production Supervisor & Factory Managers

Overall Purpose of the Job:

To stitch garments as instructed, working with the bundling process as well as the sampling process when required.

Key (Major) Responsibilities:

  • Stitch fabrics together to construct garments.
  • Be able to identify the correct machine settings required for different fabrics and styles.
  • Maintain an inventory of tools and supplies.
  • Resolve and amend faults and imperfections when required.
  • Be flexible to stitching different processes on a day-to-day basis.
  • Follow instructions given from supervisors and factory managers.
  • Carry out basic maintenance on your machine.
  • Maintain a clean and safe work area.
  • Inform supervisors immediately of any broken machinery and if required collect all parts in a safely manner (i.e needle parts).
  • Strive to maintain a ‘Right first time’ record.

Other Requirements:

  • To contribute to Quality Control checks and packaging when required.
  • Wear protective clothing (i.e closed toe shoes) and have hair tied back at all times.


Contact: factory@fashioncapital.co.uk

This position is based at The Factory / FTA, Unit 13/14 Crusader Estate, 167 Hermitage Road, London N4 1LZ.