Assistant Factory Manager in Wales


Job title: 
Assistant Manager

Newtown, Wales 

Purpose of Job:
The Assistant Factory Manager will have the responsibility of the production floor as a direct contact for the supervisors with any issues of production and/or staff wise that they encounter. He/she will also be responsible for the smooth operation of the production and other interlinked departments.


Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing/Managing the entire garment construction process whilst in the Factory.

  • Preparing the plan for processing of materials in the factory by the functions of process planning, loading and scheduling.

  • Monitor the actual performance with the planned performance. Oversee jobs are started and completed on schedule. Liaise with the Production Office to maintain delivery dates, deadlines and bookings.

  • To take corrective action as and when required in terms of re-organising or revising, manufacturing methods in order to meet deadlines/schedules and client expectations.

  • Responsible for overseeing matters where samples are produced, design changes are made and finished garments are completed.

  • Assist with the costing of garments and garment operations in conjunction with the Galaxius system.

  • Provide technical support to the Manufacturing team when required.

  • Should have an excellent knowledge and ability to operate all Industrial sewing machines, Presses, Cutting Machines, Lay Cutters etc.

  • Monitor the correct use of all the industrial machines onsite, and liaise with the mechanic when services/works are completed to ensure that all our equipment meet the safety requirements required.

  • Test malfunctioning machinery to determine whether major repairs are needed

  • Liaise with Production team on purchasing trims, cottons and materials.

  • To supervise and motivate the support staff on a regular basis by having a team approach and also by maintaining open communication.

  • To facilitate productivity and quality standards in the production process.

  • Should have a keen desire and ability to successfully lead others.

  • Should have an excellent knowledge of garment construction

  • The ability to solve all sorts of garment related issues.

To apply please submit your CV to caroline@fashion-enter.com