Bespoke Apprentice – Gieves & Hawkes (This position has been filled)


We have an opportunity for an experienced apprentice to join our reputable bespoke team. The ideal candidate needs to have 3 years cutting room experience and a sound understanding of Savile Row tailoring. You should have a knowledge and enthusiasm for our brand and men’s styling and be sartorially aware. As well as Savile Row experience, you should have excellent communication skills, be immaculately presented, engaging, committed and with a “can do” attitude. We want people with a real passion for our brand.

Purpose of the role:
The role of the Bespoke Apprentice is to support and learn from the assigned Cutter or Tailor.
The skills required to become a Cutter or Tailor can take up to 4 years to perfect.  However, this will depend on the Apprentice’s self-application to the demands made upon the them by the company.
The Apprentice must acquire an understanding and requirement of the craft, as well as developing outstanding service skills and remarkable product knowledge on behalf of the bespoke customer.
  • To shadow and observe the Cutter or Tailor, paying close attention to their skills to be able to develop them into your own skills.
For Cutters:
  • Learn and understand how to produce economical lays to company standards
  • Learn and understand the principles of garment construction for all categories of Bespoke garments
  • Support and/or carry out customer fittings as required
  • Construct patterns for Bespoke garments
  • Organise materials and trim packs in advance of production
  • Lay out patterns and mark up cloths
  • Cut cloth according to markings
  • Prepare bundle of bespoke garment components to hand over to Tailors
  • Monitor and maintain quality standards through the production process
For Tailors:
  • Canvas a coat by hand
  • Prepare the garment for a first fitting baste
  • Disassemble and amend the garment as per Cutters instructions
  • Demonstrate how to baste the garment through the adjustment process
  • Demonstrate basic alteration skills – to include taking in side seams on jackets, clearing chest, shortening sleeves, taking in trouser waists, slimming legs and shortening lengths
  • Basic Bespoke practice work – this will range from hand padding a chest canvas to hand sewn button holes
  • Finishing – Hand sewing button holes and felling in linings to jackets
  • Hand finish the garment internally and externally
  • Press and prepare the garment for final fitting
  • Number and log each garment
  • Maintain the quality of finish as directed
  • Any other duties as outlined from time to time by the Cutter or Tailor
Desired skills:
Hand sewing skills.
Machining skills.
Highly driven and self-motivated with meticulous attention to detail. 
Thorough, assertive and determined.
Excellent communication skills.
Behaves with integrity.
Forward thinking and solution orientated.
Personal attributes:
Self-motivated & enthusiastic.
Has proven ability to work effectively within a team.
Proven ability to work to deadlines.
Reliable & trustworthy.
Takes ownership and accountability.