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•    Brand communications, online and offline the use of 3d models character avatars video games and augmented reality.

•    Live events and streaming planning and  management

•    Understanding PR, Marketing and Communications Strategy, influencer relationship management for Fashion Environments

•    Understanding Content Creation for the Fashion Industry

Skills/personality traits:

•    Someone bold, trustworthy, respectful, dynamic and original.

•    Are responsive to changing priorities and requirements of the product industry

•    Someone who is keen to complete an apprenticeship and learn new skills.

•    Are assertive, resilient and confident when communicating views and ideas that will benefit the product design and manufacturing process

•    A hard working individual wanting to succeed in a team.

•    A person who knows their strengths and weaknesses, can explain what they are passionate about and knows the goals they want to achieve and motivations in life.

It would be beneficial (but not necessary) if they have:
*Please note all training will be given*

•    Different customer requirements e.g. quality standards, product finish, timescale brand standards and ethics.

•    Experience with industrial machines and other equipment relevant to the production of products including specialist machinery e.g. cover stitch machines, buttonholers, jigs, blind hemmers,

•    Knowledge of the fashion industry, news future developments within, marketing and communications.

This role is available on the Level 3 Fashion Studio apprenticeship programme.

To apply please submit your CV to

About company

Adero (pronounced, ah DEH roh an African word) it means Mother Earth, she who creates, motivates or gives life to. A ‘Creative studio’ a combination art/music media, workshop, events, agency. To develop, prototype and produce, products, projects or businesses. We are a mix of old and young, analogue and digital, we take old ideas, concepts and beliefs and twist them and turn them, using new ideas and discoveries. We are creating a network/marketplace of other artists and makers, to have a platform, showcase and build community.

Working with Zhi Holloway designer, of label Not very well (NVW)  and (collab with acclaimed musicians NSG) from new studio space at Poplar works 384 Abbott Rd, Poplar, London E14 0UX,