Initially London

We have an amazing opportunity for an organised, fashion and business-orientated Apprentice to work at the Initially London studio four days a week and attend training one day a week for an 18 month period.  The successful candidate will achieve a Level 3 Diploma for the Fashion Studio Assistant qualification and be well prepared to work in a fast-growing fashion or retail environment.

Studio Assistant Apprentice Job Description:

Reporting to our Studio Manager but working alongside each of our team members, the Apprentice will learn aspects of the business including inventory management, sourcing, embroidery production techniques, quality control, shipping, sales and marketing, website development and maintenance, so-cial media management, invoicing and bookkeeping, fundraising and public relations – all whilst grow-ing their own knowledge and experience.

Entry Level Requirements:

•    PC literate and curious to learn new software packages
•    Good problem-solving skills
•    Accuracy and attention to detail
•    Good time management
•    Self-motivated
•    Confident communicator, happy to ask questions
•    Team player
•    Fashion aware

Education Requirements:

· Minimum 5 GCSEs or equivalent which must include English & Maths A-C level.

Job responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

Order Management & Shipping
•    Print client orders on a daily basis and lay out orders for production based on priority
•    Ensure stock availability and order in new supplies
•    Quality-check each finished item against the client order sheet to ensure the accuracy of the order, as well as checking for loose threads, untrimmed backing, removal of embroidery marking chalk, correct positioning and any other quality issue
•    Print packing slips and mark orders as fulfilled as they are prepared for delivery
•    Package finished goods for shipment to / collection by clients, using packing slips to ensure accura-cy
•    Use Royal Mail and DHL software to organise shipments, using pre-approved service levels

•    Liaise with embroiderers to ensure supplies of embroidery thread, backing and other materials are sufficient
•    Learn to use embroidery machines and software, to understand production process

•    Research new product ideas
•    Attend trade shows to source new products
•    Work with the Company Director and manufacturers to develop new own-brand products
•    Liaise with manufacturers and suppliers to check on order status and delivery

Studio Management
•    Keep admin area clean and organised and dispose of supplier packaging
•    Maintain stock room in tidy order
•    File client and supplier invoices
•    Learn Shopify and Quickbooks software to assist with invoicing clients, reconcile the bank account, pay suppliers and manage cash.

Sales & Marketing
•    Research competitors’ marketing and social media activities
•    Work with company Director to update landing pages and keep website product descriptions  and inventory levels accurate
•    Assist with writing marketing newsletters and blog posts
•    Keep Pinterest and Facebook page updated and relevant
•    Maintain client database for marketing purposes
•    Design digital marketing ads
•    Take, edit and organise product photos for marketing purposes
•    Attend sales events and pop-ups, working with clients to design orders

The Company’s Founder & Director will work closely with the Studio Manager and the Apprentice to ensure the success of the apprenticeship experience.

This role is available on the Level 3 Fashion Studio Apprenticeship

To apply please submit your CV to