Aimee Joyce London

Company description:

Aimee Joyce London is a fashion startup, focusing on Demi couture womenswear.
Creating heirloom worthy garments that hold the test of time.
Unfocused on the typical seasonal approach, “fashion should be cohesive extension of ourselves, not simply reduced to a season basis”.
Aimees approach its to contrast eras whilst combining unconventional fabrics. Playing with promotions and silhouettes in creating the perfect balance.
Femintiy and strength is at the core of Aimee Joyce London, again another contrast that Aimee executes immaculately.

“Here at Aimee Joyce London we create clothes that are a life-style choice, as apposed to simply just a label, our clothes are about empowerment, whilst remaining feminine”

Job description:

An Exciting Opportunity to Work with a Fashion Startup.

Here at Aimee Joyce London, it is extremely exciting times.

We are looking for someone that can maintain the same level of passion and enthusiasm that currently energises our team.

Working first hand in experiencing what it entails to start a fashion brand.

You will have access to working with a extremely experienced seamstress, with over 50 years in the industry. teaching you all the finer details in dressmaking.

We are a small team, meaning all hands on deck across all areas of the company.

Daily Tasks will consist of:

-Preparations of fabric.

-Laying fabric.

-Adapting patterns.

-Cutting fabric.

-Construction of pattern.

-Design Development.

-Hand Finishings, ie applique etc.


-Fabric Sourcing.

Other helpful expertise, (non essential)

-A basic knowledge of marketing, for social media purposes.

-Creating content, ie; creating imagery relevant to your daily tasks.

-Market research.

We are due to shoot the latest collection in the coming month and help in preparation for this will also be needed.

Hours will vary based on urgency of deadlines.

Although this in an apprenticehip, we are ideally looking for someone to join us on our team full-time.

Instagram @aimeejoycelondon

This role is available on the Level 2 apprenticeship programme

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