Why Being VASCR is so Important in Learning

One of the main advantages of FCFTA is the C in VASCR (Valid, Authentic, Current, Sufficient and Reliable)! We are always current.

As we’re a leading garment maker in the UK, the only one with a leading status in the Fast Forward audit, we know our sector inside and out. Having a team that has leading professionals and experts in their specialism means that we’re always up-to-date on the latest industry news.

This is why Fashion-Enter Ltd is supporting Labour Behind the Label with their Open Letter:

As the recent Panorama programme (6th November 2023) highlighted the government and industry are failing key workers in the fashion production workplace. Government initiatives so far have failed to address one of the key causes of workplace abuse in the garment industry, and that is exploitative and unethical purchasing practices such as low pricing, unilateral discounts, bullying and lack of communication. It is clear in 2023, that much more effective and pro-active action needs to be taken, especially given the lack of progress made.

As a result Labour Behind the Label is circulating an Open Letter requesting that Government take 5 essential and urgent steps:

  1. Protect all workers in the Leicester garment industry and ensure that timely remedy, including payment of unpaid wages and so on, is provided to those who have been the victims of non- payment or underpayment of wages and benefits (wage theft), furlough fraud, unsafe environments, and modern slavery.
  2. Ensure that the government works with stakeholders, including unions and workers to examine the underlying causes of exploitation.
  3. Ensure that the government invests in labour market enforcement agencies including ensuring sufficient transparency and collaboration between agencies and among the community.
  4. Establish a Garment Trading Adjudicator to help stop unfair purchasing practices by the largest clothing retailers and brands operating in the UK market.
  5. Work towards the implementation of due diligence legislation – a Business, Human Rights and Environment Act 2 – that will hold business, finance and the public sector to account when they fail to prevent supply chain human rights abuses and environmental harms.

Fashion-Enter CEO Jenny Holloway has signed Labour Behind the Label Open Letter, she said: “Our learners need to understand that the constant greenwashing by retailers is totally unacceptable and they will be caught out as the recent Panorama documentary clearly demonstrates.

“For decades FEL has been operating a totally ethical factory and we’ve been competing against factories that coerce their labour force into long, unacceptable working hours as well as paying cash at £3 per hour. Many times we argued with retailers that the prices were unethical and thankfully we maintained our beliefs and values.

“The brands have a huge responsibility to deliver their ethical practices and words are cheap. However, the financial damage of not upholding promises is there to see with Boohoo. We’re teaching our learners the right way forward and we’re proud of the stance we take.”

There is an ongoing campaign from Labour Behind the Label: ‘Garment Workers in Leicester Deserve Good Jobs’ tap here to sign the petition.