Student Testimonials

Christina Anderson
19.12.2016 Christina Anderson

Having been informed of our Stitching Academy courses through her local job centre, Christina decided to enrol.   Enrolling on our six-week Level 1 stitching academy course here at the FTA after hearing about what we offer from her local job...

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Nader Shaw
15.12.2016 Nader Shaw

Perfect Pattern student Nader reflects on his time on the Perfect Pattern course. As the end of the current perfect patterns course nears, we spoke to Nader Shaw to find out what he takes away from his time at the Fashion Technology Academy....

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Chiadi Lionel
24.11.2016 Chiadi Lionel

Having heard about our Perfect Patterns course via our website, Chiadi enrolled on the course. The FTA started running ‘Perfect Patterns’ in 2014 which was a Level 1 Award, it quickly became very popular and successful, this then lead to the...

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01.11.2016 Roxanne

Having successfully completed our Stitching Academy Level 1 course, Roxanne moved onto the 12 week level 2 course which she has now successfully completed. Whilst the level 1 SA course provides learners with the practical skills they need in...

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Vetigraph Training Workshop
31.10.2016 Vetigraph Training Workshop

On 31st October the latest installment of our highly anticipated Vetigraph training course in collaboration with Fashion Digital Solutions commenced.   Day 1 - Monday 31st October On the first day of the vetigraph training course the...

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