Student Testimonials

Rebekah Litherland
14.03.2017 Rebekah Litherland

As a fashion student completing a 4-year sandwich degree course, I know first-hand the importance of gaining experience in a live environment via internships and placements.  When initially applying for roles last year, the number of unpaid...

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Isatu Harrison
23.02.2017 Isatu Harrison

Isatu Harrison joined the Level 1 Stitching Academy in 2015. She had embarked on her own fashion label  Izelia  but was looking for advice and guidance on how to take it to the next level. She commenced with the Stitching Academy so she could...

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Marta Mogado
18.01.2017 Marta Mogado

Meet Marta! Joining out perfect patterns level one course this week, Marta is off to a flying start having only been on the course for three days now.  Realising the importance of new skills, Marta decided to enrol so that she could further...

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Christina Anderson
19.12.2016 Christina Anderson

Having been informed of our Stitching Academy courses through her local job centre, Christina decided to enrol.   Enrolling on our six-week Level 1 stitching academy course here at the FTA after hearing about what we offer from her local job...

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Nader Shaw
15.12.2016 Nader Shaw

Perfect Pattern student Nader reflects on his time on the Perfect Pattern course. As the end of the current perfect patterns course nears, we spoke to Nader Shaw to find out what he takes away from his time at the Fashion Technology Academy....

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