Student Testimonials

14.03.2017 Lydia

“Overall this week of work experience has been absolutely incredible and I have enjoyed every minute of it. From day one I have been in awe by the huge factory and manufacturing team. I have learnt so much, from business networking at Alexandra Palace and how to talk confidently within that environment, to responding to both creative and marketing briefs to produce successful outcomes. I now know so much more about the business as a whole and the different teams that work together to make Fashion Enter work as well as it does. I feel a lot more confident in myself and the lovely atmosphere has made it easy to talk to everyone here. I am now so inspired to discover more within the fashion industry and I cannot thank Fashion Enter enough for the experience they have given me this week. I would definitely recommend this work experience because I have had the best time and I will not forget it!”.

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Katherine Carter
14.03.2017 Katherine Carter

“This week has been absolutely amazing! I have enjoyed every second of it, and I didn’t want it to end I have seen so many mind blowing things being here from designing to the machining. I have experienced so many different things and job options in the fashion world, and everyone was so friendly and nice. I found it easy to talk to people, even though I’m a very shy person. This week has improved my confidence massively. I have experienced the business, designing and social media side of fashion, which has been so helpful, as now I know which root I want to go down now. I know that I defiantly want to work in fashion. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is thinking about going into fashion, as it’s so fun, interesting, exciting and creative. Thank you so much Fashion Capital/Enter for this unforgettable experience, I will treasure it forever”.

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Rachel Litherland
14.03.2017 Rachel Litherland

“I really enjoyed my weeks work experience with the company as I learnt many new skills and was able to build on the skills I already had. Not only did I learn about new filming or editing techniques but also about the effort and teamwork everyone puts in to ensure that things run smoothly within the workplace. The work experience was very valuable and I have taken a lot from it and I believe that I can apply what I have learnt in many different situations”.

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Aimee Kelly
14.03.2017 Aimee Kelly

“Without completing an internship I would not have the experience and knowledge that I now do. Not only has this led me to being offered a part time role here, but it is also given me insight and sparked ideas for writing my final year dissertation”.

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Freddy Anderson
14.03.2017 Freddy Anderson

“It is hard to get your foot on the ladder at work and it’s totally demoralising when you leave university with a good degree and you just can’t get a real opportunity for a kick start in your career. It’s easy to just accept that you have to pay for yourself to gain experience at a company but it’s wrong. It really is exploitation. Thank you Fashion Enter for giving me such a real business opportunity that I will make work”.

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