Student Testimonials

Chloe Norris
20.04.2017 Chloe Norris

From a young age Chloe knew she wanted to work within the fashion industry.  After completing her A-Levels, she was unsure of whether university was for her and opted to complete an apprenticeship instead to gain hands on experience within her...

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20.04.2017 Irza

Irza is Fashion Enter's garment technology apprentice and works with our Fashion Studio manager! From a young age Irza was always interested in fashion and actively pursued a career path in this creative industry by choosing subjects such as...

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Marquel Williams-Braham
20.04.2017 Marquel Williams-Braham

Marquel is now completing a Level 3 Advanced Diploma with Strictly Come Dancing. Having completed both our Level 1 and 2 course here at the Stitching Academy, Marquel took a chance and applied for a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Textiles...

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Luke Pereira
14.03.2017 Luke Pereira

“Having worked at FashionCapital for one week I have gained the skills to work as part of a team, also working independently and figuring things out for myself. In addition, this company has giving me the tools to help me to become a part of this industry, as well as exposing me to the factory where the garments on the high street we see are created and the design studio where I get to see how they create various garments”.

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Hannah McIntosh
14.03.2017 Hannah McIntosh

“Overall my work experience at FashionCapital has really given me the opportunity to understand different aspects of the fashion industry and work in all different departments. It has also given me the chance to go to fashion events and see different designers and fabrics. Finally it has also expanded my knowledge of fashion and hopefully I can now broaden my future with FashionCapital”.

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