Student Testimonials

Sarah Salvader
20.04.2017 Sarah Salvader

Joining the Fashion Technology Academy’s Level 2 Stitching Academy course armed with previous experience within the fashion and textiles industry, Sarah was keen to further develop her skills. “Although I already have sewing skills the FTA...

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Tehia McDermot
20.04.2017 Tehia McDermot

Level 1 Stitching Academy student Tehia came to us via Waltham Forest Council and has now been selected to work alongside June Sarpong MBE as an apprentice for her brand Ldny to start in 2017. Upon successful completion of the Level 1...

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Robia Jalloh-Cole
20.04.2017 Robia Jalloh-Cole

Currently completing her apprenticeship with fashion retailer Jigsaw, Robia tells all about her time as an apprentice so far. “I chose to complete an apprenticeship as I did not want to go to university at the time as I was unsure of what I...

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Emily Sensier
20.04.2017 Emily Sensier

Explaining why she decided to complete an apprenticeship rather than going to university Emily is confident an apprenticeship was the right route for her. Emily is currently studying an apprenticeship with retailer Hobbs, where she spends four...

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Alicia Noble
20.04.2017 Alicia Noble

Find out why Hobbs apprentice, Alicia Noble, decided to complete an apprenticeship, what she enjoys the most and the many skills she has learnt so far. “After finishing school, my original plan was always to go to university.  I wanted to...

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