Student Testimonials

Sade Akintan
24.04.2017 Sade Akintan

Having heard about the course through a friend, Sade decided to find out more about the course.   With all students having the ability to learn how to make flat patterns using a range of practical techniques including measuring, basic lay...

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Victorija Matvejeva
20.04.2017 Victorija Matvejeva

Having now completed the Level 2 Perfect Pattern course, Victorija reflects on her time at Fashion Enter and the Fashion Technology Academy. Joining the perfect pattern Level 2 course with a basic understanding of pattern cutting and making,...

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Valerie Lindsay
20.04.2017 Valerie Lindsay

Starting off with our level 1 course, which was launched in 2014, Valerie was able to learn the fundamentals of pattern making through a practical and hands on learning method led by tutor Alice.  Over the six-week duration pattern construction...

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Sarah Salvader
20.04.2017 Sarah Salvader

Joining the Fashion Technology Academy’s Level 2 Stitching Academy course armed with previous experience within the fashion and textiles industry, Sarah was keen to further develop her skills. “Although I already have sewing skills the FTA...

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Tehia McDermot
20.04.2017 Tehia McDermot

Level 1 Stitching Academy student Tehia came to us via Waltham Forest Council and has now been selected to work alongside June Sarpong MBE as an apprentice for her brand Ldny to start in 2017. Upon successful completion of the Level 1...

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