Student Testimonials

Moya Schouten
24.04.2017 Moya Schouten

Having heard about our Perfect Patterns course through a friend Moya was keen to enrol on our six-week course.   Already with experience within sewing, Moya wanted to develop and further her skills and knowledge within the industry.  In a hope...

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Nubia Escobar
24.04.2017 Nubia Escobar

Finding out about our perfect patterns course from her daughter Nubia enrolled.   Nubia enrolled on our six-week perfect patterns course after hearing about it from her daughter, who is also currently enrolled.   Joining us with a small amount...

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Sade Akintan
24.04.2017 Sade Akintan

Having heard about the course through a friend, Sade decided to find out more about the course.   With all students having the ability to learn how to make flat patterns using a range of practical techniques including measuring, basic lay...

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Victorija Matvejeva
20.04.2017 Victorija Matvejeva

Having now completed the Level 2 Perfect Pattern course, Victorija reflects on her time at Fashion Enter and the Fashion Technology Academy. Joining the perfect pattern Level 2 course with a basic understanding of pattern cutting and making,...

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Valerie Lindsay
20.04.2017 Valerie Lindsay

Starting off with our level 1 course, which was launched in 2014, Valerie was able to learn the fundamentals of pattern making through a practical and hands on learning method led by tutor Alice.  Over the six-week duration pattern construction...

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