Student Testimonials

Chelsea Williams
12.06.2017 Chelsea Williams

Chelsea Williams was one of the first ever Level 4 apprentices. Chelsea was hired by ASOS as a Buyers Assistant and was even the face of the apprenticeship campaign -   "I didn't have the best of starts with my initial apprentice. The first...

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Karina Campbell
24.04.2017 Karina Campbell

Having heard about our Perfect Patterns course at a Get Hired event, Karina was keen to enrol to gain experience in the industry.   Having enrolled on the latest instalment of our perfect pattern course, Karina came to the academy with no prior...

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Sidikat Shodime
24.04.2017 Sidikat Shodime

Having heard about our pattern cutting course online, Sidikat enrolled.   Joining our perfect pattern course in order to learn pattern cutting principles from scratch, Sidikat hopes to put these newly acquired skills into use when designing her...

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Moya Schouten
24.04.2017 Moya Schouten

Having heard about our Perfect Patterns course through a friend Moya was keen to enrol on our six-week course.   Already with experience within sewing, Moya wanted to develop and further her skills and knowledge within the industry.  In a hope...

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Nubia Escobar
24.04.2017 Nubia Escobar

Finding out about our perfect patterns course from her daughter Nubia enrolled.   Nubia enrolled on our six-week perfect patterns course after hearing about it from her daughter, who is also currently enrolled.   Joining us with a small amount...

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