Vetigraph Training Workshop

Vetigraph Training Workshop

On 31st October the latest installment of our highly anticipated Vetigraph training course in collaboration with Fashion Digital Solutions commenced.  

Day 1 - Monday 31st October

On the first day of the vetigraph training course the group of students were introduced to the course by trainer Clemence Le Baux, who outlined what each day would involve and the skills that would be aquired by the end of the last training day.  Following this, Clemence gave the group insight into the user interface software and instructed and aided their own completion of digital patterns using various techniques.

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 Day 2 - Tuesday 1st November

Day 2 of the Vetigraph course was warmly welcomed by our group of students who are learning various new technical skills.  Continuing to put their newly found skills into practice, tutor Clemence continued to highlight to the group how to use create their own digital patterns using a variation of techniques.  Introducing the group to dart manipulation which saw them able to add pleats, tucks and fullness to the garment being created, Clemence explained each stage to ensure the group were confident in what they are doing.

Jacqueline Law, one of the attendees told us "Jenny Holloway, my mentor, recommended the course to me and I am so glad I enrolled... it is challenging but I am learning a great deal."

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Day 3 - Wednesday 2nd November

"I am so pleased to be here teaching the Vetigraph course... The students are progressing very well!" - Clemence

Now halfway through the 5-day intensive digital pattern cutting course, teacher Clemence tells us that the students are progressing well and learning a wide range of new skills that they are able to put into practice.  Today the group have been further adding to their patterns and have learnt how to make pattern adjustments as well as how to output their pattern to plotter.  In addition, they have today been introduced to block creations!

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 Day 4 - Thursday 3rd November

Now on their fourth day of the vetigraph course, our group of learners can confidently use the pattern making software and are well on their way to creating their own blocks and patterns for garment of choice - many are creating dresses and skirts!  Today the students were introduced to grading and were taught the importance of grading to meet supplier specifications.  

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 Day 5 - Friday 4th November

Now on their final day of the Vetigraph training course here at Fashion Enter, the students are able to create their own lay plans confidentally, ensuring they finish the course confident to use their new skills in the future.  

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