Tehia McDermot

Tehia McDermot

Level 1 Stitching Academy student Tehia came to us via Waltham Forest Council and has now been selected to work alongside June Sarpong MBE as an apprentice for her brand Ldny to start in 2017.

Upon successful completion of the Level 1 Stitching Academy course, Tehia swiftly progressed onto the Level 2, which provided her with more advanced skills and knowledge within textiles and production of garments.  It was here that she successfully made her own shirt and completed modules including tailoring and advanced sewing skills.


Keen to use her skills and further her education, Tehia decided to apply to be considered as one of June Sarpong’s LDNY apprentices, after the entrepreneur launched her social enterprise foundation that supports young people from London and allows them to develop their skills within the creative industries.

Successfully passing the screening day, Tehia was invited to an interview with June Sarpong and CEO of Fashion Enter, Jenny Holloway, where she was successfully chosen as one of the top 5 candidates and offered the role.

"I am so overjoyed that I have been selected for this unique apprenticeship at this stage of my life. I have been dedicated in finding the best route to a career in Fashion. The timing feels like destiny. This opportunity will prepare me for a future that I have envisioned for myself. This is an amazing experience that I will make the most of. I look forward to learning, working hard and embracing the adventure that this opportunity will bring. Thank you." 

Since being offered the apprenticeship, Tehia has contributed and worked alongside the team to launch the brand at events such as Best of Britannia.  Most recently she was involved with the launch at the London Stock Exchange!  She has also had the opportunity to meet the Minister of Culture!