Robia Jalloh-Cole

Robia Jalloh-Cole

Currently completing her apprenticeship with fashion retailer Jigsaw, Robia tells all about her time as an apprentice so far.

“I chose to complete an apprenticeship as I did not want to go to university at the time as I was unsure of what I wanted to study and with the costs of university I did not want to waste the finances on something I was unsure of.  After I had found what it was that I wanted to do, which is to work within fashion production, I decided to complete a course here at the FTA’s Stitching Academy to build skills in garment production.  After weighing up my options in studying fashion at higher education level, I stumbled upon the apprenticeship opportunities here at Fashion Enter.  I wish I had found out about these at an earlier time.  Being in a position where I am paid to learn, shadowing industry professionals and having the opportunity to work alongside the amazing staff at Jigsaw has been amazing.”

When asked what she enjoys to most about completing her apprenticeship with Jigsaw, Robia informed us;

“My day to day role at Jigsaw sees me handling post, receiving clothes, updating the critical path and fit lists for fitting sessions whilst helping out with price tickets with the production assistant.  I also have responsibility to help out both sample machinists and pattern cutters by cutting out patterns for in house samples to be made.  I have been given an amazing opportunity to be trained by the garment technologist at my work place.  As I have taken a keen interested in Garment Technology, all of the staff at Jigsaw are helping my training to ensure I leave my apprenticeship with the best information that I can.  At some point I will also be shadowing the buyers!”

“After completing my apprenticeship I do hope to continue with my career in production, specifically within garment technology.  With the experience gained for this role I will be able to go after these roles which is amazing.  I am so excited for the future and what it has to offer!”