Rachel Litherland

Hi I'm Rachel and this week (7th November to the 11th November 2016) I completed a week’s work experience with the marketing team at FashionCapital and the FC Fabric Studio.

My role throughout the week was both filming and editing the tutorials that the company have recently started to produce, using my educational background and skills in film studies. Overall I found the week very informative and I gained a lot from my time. Not only this but I learnt many new skills and had a chance to expand on skills that I already had.

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Day 1- 7/11/2016:

As I arrived on day one I was given a tour of the factory and saw first-hand how FashionCapital runs.  Within the same morning I worked with Rodney and was taught how to use the camera that I would be using at a later date during the week to film the tutorials. When learning this I started from the basics from learning how to switch the camera on then progressed to learn about lighting and how it can impact the shots. Whilst I knew some of the information already I still learnt some new techniques and information which was extremely helpful.  In the afternoon I looked at timing for the shooting of the videos by creating story boards and planning the videos with Rebekah. Helping with this I looked up some videos with the same type of content we would be making so that I could gather inspiration from the videos and get an idea of the type of shots used. As well as this I also helped set up the room being used for the recording- this was important as I was able to ensure that the setting was suitable for the range of shots I was hoping to use.

Day 2- 8/11/2016:

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 2.04.36 pmOn the second day of my work experience we started filming the tutorials for the Fashion Capital Fabric Studio. At the start of the day I was tasked with helping set up the tutorials and ensuring the materials were ready and everything was in place to make sure the day of filming went smoothly. Being involved with this was important as I was given an overview of how the products would be made, this helped me to think about the shots I could use and when they would be relevant. For example if one part of the tutorial focused on a specific type of stitch, this would need to be filmed as a close up shot. During the filming we did encounter problems however this was resolved through the teamwork of everyone involved including Alice (tutor), Beth (designer), Rebekah (marketing) and myself. Not only this but I was given some extra help and advice from Rodney. This as useful as I was able to see things in a different way and use a more diverse range of shots. The first item made and filmed for the videos was the garland. This was easy and simple to film and was achieved quickly, yet thoroughly, which allowed us to move onto the next video. This video was the stocking and proved to be the most fun as I was able to use a more diverse range of shots and was able to input more of my own opinion into the filming of the video.

Day 3- 9/11/2016:

On the third day of my work experience with Fashion Capital I did two main things. The first being editing and the second being the filming of the rest of the tutorials. The day started off by editing the tutorials filmed the day before this was one of the easiest parts of the day as I enjoy editing and it is something that I am well versed with. After having lunch I filmed the rest of the tutorials. Filming today went smoother than it did yesterday and we got both tutorials filmed in the afternoon. There were no real complications in the filming as everything had been prepared in advance for today’s filming therefore it helped the filming progress faster. All in all the filming was done quickly and to the detail with no complications.

Day 4- 10/11/2016:

Today was mainly about editing the tutorials that we had filmed over the previous two days. The day started off by finishing the editing that I had started the day before, this was an easy task as I had done most of the editing the day before and there was very little I needed to finish off. After finishing editing the videos that I had started the day before I checked them with Rebekah who gave me some advice/ constructive criticism about what could be changed or what I could include. I set this task aside for later on in the day and got started on editing a video that was needed for the next day. As I had not filmed this video I had to start by watching all the footage provided and sort the footage to find the right clips for the video. Whilst this was the hard part the actual editing wasn’t difficult and was fun as I was able to take a fresh approach to a different sort of video than the Christmas ones I was editing. After having my lunch I resumed editing and started on the improvements that had been suggested to me. After this I started editing one of the last videos also focusing on the improvements suggested previously to myself, this video was quite short and only took a few hours to edit allowing me to start on the last video. This last video took the longest to edit and in hindsight I would have made it one of the videos that I had started editing first despite this however I was able to get it finished. After finishing the last two videos I had them checked over again by Rebekah. Because I had considered the feedback given to me on the other videos there wasn't many improvements to make. This concluded my day and I found it to be fun as editing is something I am more confident in compared to filming.

Day 5- 11/11/2016:

This was my last day of work experience with FashionCapital and I concluded the week positively. When I arrived this morning I started by writing about my experience on the FashionCapital forum, I enjoyed doing this as I was able to reflect on my time with the company and reflect on the things I have learnt. As well as this it was a new way of being able to reflect on my time and allowed me to think more about what I had learnt and achieved throughout the week. Overall I have learnt many new things from my weeks work experience. After completing the first task of the day my videos where once again checked over to see if there were any improvements that I could make. I also checked over them to make sure I was happy with the end result. After having checked over them once again I used the videos to help write articles about how each product was made. I started with the two simpler videos, the wreath and the garland. Despite starting the two simpler ones first it still took some time as I had to clearly explain the steps using terms that anyone would understand. As well as this the grammar, punctuation and spelling had to be perfect.After having lunch, I then went back to writing the articles with a fresh mind. I started by reading over the articles already written to spot any mistakes not picked up beforehand this proved to be useful as I was able to clearly think and adjust things accordingly. After doing this I then moved onto writing about the Christmas stocking and the Christmas pillow. Because these videos had more steps to them I went back and watched the videos writing about the steps as I watched. This proved to be a massive help as I was able to write the articles without having to stop and start to think about the steps. After watching the videos I was able to get back and type up the articles. This took a few hours to do because there was so many steps and I wanted to explain clearly what needed to be done. All in all however I was able to finish them. 

To summarise I really enjoyed my weeks work experience with the company as I learnt many new skills and was able to build on the skills I already had. Not only did I learn about new filming or editing techniques but also about the effort and teamwork everyone puts in to ensure that things run smoothly within the workplace. The work experience was very valuable and I have taken a lot from it and I believe that I can apply what I have learnt in many different situations.