Marquel Williams-Braham

Marquel Williams-Braham

Marquel is now completing a Level 3 Advanced Diploma with Strictly Come Dancing.

Having completed both our Level 1 and 2 course here at the Stitching Academy, Marquel took a chance and applied for a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Textiles and Apparel in collaboration with Sewing Pathway and Strictly Come Dancing in which he was successful and offered the role!  He tells us what he learnt on the courses, what it is like working with Strictly and his future ambitions.

“On the stitching academy level one course from an academic perspective I learnt a lot about the industrial machines including how to use them and the inspection process of a product.  From a personal perspective you learn a lot about yourself and your abilities and have the ability to grow your self-confidence.  The skills I learnt are necessary skills that I need.”

“The level two course was a lot more serious and was much more about taking on board what the teachers say.  I worked and progressed on little habits and found making clothes almost like a puzzle, piecing together bits of a garment.”

Working with Strictly Come Dancing, Marquel is learning a range of skills whilst putting knowledge gained from the Level 1 & 2 course into practise.  He completes one day training a week here at FashionCapital and four days with Strictly and the BBC.  From assisting with the making and altering of costumes to assisting with the fitting and appearance of costumes, he has been presented with the opportunity to make his dreams a reality.

“I love working with Strictly, I’m learning at a fast pace which is motivating me – I love to learn!  I feel and see my skills growing as I’m working on more and more advanced garments.  I have the ability to show my passion, which is making clothes, whilst continuing to develop.”

“In the future I want to own my own ethical brand, producing up cycled clothing!”