“Overall this week of work experience has been absolutely incredible and I have enjoyed every minute of it. From day one I have been in awe by the huge factory and manufacturing team. I have learnt so much, from business networking at Alexandra Palace and how to talk confidently within that environment, to responding to both creative and marketing briefs to produce successful outcomes. I now know so much more about the business as a whole and the different teams that work together to make Fashion Enter work as well as it does. I feel a lot more confident in myself and the lovely atmosphere has made it easy to talk to everyone here. I am now so inspired to discover more within the fashion industry and I cannot thank Fashion Enter enough for the experience they have given me this week. I would definitely recommend this work experience because I have had the best time and I will not forget it!”.


Lydia's Work Experience Diary

Lydia's second day

Today I was working in the design department and creating my own mood board and designs based on the topic of jungles. To start, I researched jungles, shapes, prints and fashion with exotic leaf patterns and colours. I took the jungle theme down two routes: one modernist, with muted olive hues and metallic embellishments, and the other incorporating the idea of holidays and the beach. I collaged together khaki leaf prints with holographic and golden bands to combine two current fashion trends and create something new. I also found images of homeware, architecture and art, like Kew Gardens, which displayed the metallic hues I had been studying.

I began to explore the idea of jungles and the Spring/ Summer 17 theme with beaches and palm trees and from this stemmed other images including: parrots, fish and the coral reef, all of which had the same floaty shapes and were very colourful. I collected together hues which matched the images and began pairing them together to see how they would look on a garment.

Next I designed some garments inspired by the mood board that I had created. The clothing I drew ranged in cut and neckline but all had a common summer clothing/ holiday style. I then cut out the designs and found different materials and textiles that would best compliment the different clothing pieces and patterns. I incorporated this with my mood board to display my key ideas for the jungle theme and all the different materials and hues that I intended on using.

Today I have learnt a lot about the importance of mood boards when designing clothing because they act as the foundations for the finished product and allow the designer to refine their ideas and research patterns and inspiration. I have really enjoyed channelling all my ideas onto one page through creating my mood board and having the freedom to use lots of different materials within the studio.

Lydia's third day of work experience at Fashion Enter

On Wednesday I travelled with Fashion Enter to Alexandra Palace where I helped out in business to business networking.

Here I learnt about different businesses in the local area (North London) and what they could offer Fashion Enter, and vice versa. I also found out more about the services and training schemes that Fashion Enter offers.

I sat in a seminar and learnt about public speaking and how to improve your confidence in order to be successful. The speaker was very clear and concise, talking about the three key points necessary to become a genius within business: making your presence felt, having 100% participation in everything you do and finding out what your clients want in order to supply them with the products/ services they need. These tips were very useful and the speaker’s confident speech was easy to follow and influential for the rest of the day.

The day gave me a good idea on what is involved when companies network and how different businesses work together to maximise clients and business. I also experienced another aspect of the company which I had not known much about before.

Lydia's forth day

Today I was back in the design studio and creating a new mood board, this time the focus was Brixton Cool, emphasising on mesh fashion.

For this I started by researching Brixton and key features which stood out in the area. I came across a neon sign and this gave me the idea to incorporate neon hues into the mood board. I also looked at different styles of mesh and cut out clothing, particularly concentrating on the different materials used in the cut outs. I noticed that lots of the mesh material used had geometric shapes and patterns and so I collected art and architecture which replicated this. I also explored mesh fashion on the runway and the red carpet, and collected images from fashion shows and the likes of Kylie Jenner to be collaged onto my mood board.

When I completed my mood board, I used the images and colour schemes collected to draw some of my own designs, each varying in the amount of mesh visible and the style, evening or every day. The neon colours I studied were used to inspire many of the colour schemes in my designs, whether it was trimming a monochrome look or dominating the whole outfit. I also incorporated the looks from the runway and celebrities with my own designs to produce more formal, going-out-appropriate clothing. Next I cut out the designs and added swatches of materials to the mood board to replicate the colours in my designs and add dimension to the drawings.

Today I learnt about how to find a muse behind a style (mesh) and work backwards on what I had been given to create unique designs. I also researched the task more broadly than before, to incorporate lots of different styles and discover what mesh clothing is currently trending.