Luke Pereira

Luke Pereira

My name is Luke Pereira and I am 14 years old (15 in August of this year) and I’m joining FashionCapital for a week of work experience. I am currently attending Ashmole Academy and in September 2016 I will be in year 11. The GCSE subjects I will be studying are English, Maths, Science, Geography, French, Drama and Textiles.

I have been interested in the fashion industry for around 7 years now. I was drawn to working in this industry when I saw through social media the many celebrities wearing such elegant, couture, chic dresses. I loved how much detail there was on the garments, as well as how creative and flamboyant they were. This inspired me to become a fashion designer as this industry allows you to be who you are and create anything you adore. Moreover, I was also inspired in working in this industry when I started watching the scripted reality television programme The Hills. There were two main characters called Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad. This show followed their personal lives, as well as following them as they pursued a career in the fashion industry, showing their struggles and achievements. They visited various countries helping out backstage at many different fashion weeks. As of 2016 both women have gone on to having many different fashion lines with even some being modelled in New York Fashion Week. When I first watched all of this I became quite envious of their lives and how they had so many opportunities to experience the world of fashion. Sadly I watched my dream life unfolding in front of me. However, I decide to turn that dream into a reality and become a fashion designer, fortunately I am already halfway through that journey and even though the finish line is far away I know I will pass that line achieving everything I’ve wanted to in fashion.

I love most brands from high-street to couture. However there are two specific couture brands that appeal to me the most and these two brands are Givenchy and Balmain. I adore Balmain because of their elaborate designs, especially there bespoke dress custom fitted for Kim Kardashian the night before her wedding. The garment was so beautiful and made mostly out of pearls. Furthermore I love Givenchy for their many monochrome design. Givenchy can be very elaborate at times, however what drew me to them was how they can make the most simplistic garment can still make the user look and feel so sophisticated and beautiful.

At school I am studying textiles and achieving way more than my school predicted. From this I can imply that I can exceed in the textiles industry and will go onto achieve everything I want too knowing I have done it to the best of my ability.

Fashion interest me in many different ways as I love going onto different websites and viewing all the seasonal clothing, as well as using social media to see all the different types of clothing there is available on the market.

My main interest in the fashion industry is either writing articles on the latest trends or analysing different garments or designing various garments. I think by attending FashionCapital for this week will introduce me to the real textiles world and show me the design studio to the factory to the offices.

Once I have completed my secondary school education I aim to attend a college that specialises in the textiles industry and after that move onto gaining a degree in textiles after studying in university for however many years I may need too.

In the future I intend to move out of London and into New York or Los Angeles where I will attend university and gain an apprenticeship over there gaining even more experience in fashion. Furthermore, once that is all completed my dream will be to have my own fashion store spread across the whole world. Seeing my brand name above buildings will finally show me that everything I would have studied for and had a passion in will pay off and it would also prove to myself that I am capable of anything if I put my heart and mind into it.

By having worked at FashionCapital for one week I will be gaining the skills to work as part of a team, also working independently and figuring things out for myself. In addition, this company is giving me the tools to help to become a part of this industry, as well as exposing me to the factory where the garments on the high street we see are created and the design studio where I get to see how they create various garments. Having done my work experience at FashionCapital it will also help me get into universities specialising in textiles as they can see that I would have already had the experience and understand the qualities you need to be working in the fashion industry.