Lia Bratt

Lia Bratt

Lia Bratt is currently completing her apprenticeship with high street retailer Topshop!  Here she explains why she chose to complete an apprenticeship and what she has learnt so far!

Having been interviewed by the ABC awards when she was just two months into her apprenticeship, we catch up with her to see how her skills and knowledge has developed since.

“I chose to do an apprenticeship as I feel I'm not the most academic student and I have never enjoyed sitting and learning in a class room all day, I like to be physically learning and I felt being able to learn through a hands on job was the best way for me.”

“What I enjoy the most about the apprenticeship is being able to learn a trade and not only that but understanding the ways of a top business like Topshop,for example learning ways to communicate to different levels of authority.”

“I have learned so many skills from learning on the job from how to measure garments, build relationships with colleagues and connections outside of the business, time keeping, organisation and many more skills that will take me far in life.”

“I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to any student as a lot of the time when we as young adults go for interviews it's not always about the grades, I feel experience is just as important and I know the skills that I have learnt from working at Topshop head office will take me very far in life and I'm so grateful to have this opportunity.”