Level 5 Apprentice - Matthew Lam

"I am thrilled that I have chosen Fashion Enter as my first step into the fashion industry. When I first came to London, it was really frustrating to find a job with the qualifications that I had. I had been trying for a year, yet there was no reply from any company. That was the point I joined Fashion Enter and the Fashion Technology Academy and started my apprenticeship. 

"While I was working as an apprentice, I had worked for three different companies learning more than I ever had before. Fashion Enter provided me with a unique academic insight into the industry and the practicalities which I needed in order to contribute to the industry. Today I am proud to announce that I am working for Harrods as a junior tailor whilst doing my Level 5 apprenticeship. I am so delighted to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

"I am continuously impressed by the knowledge and insight that Fashion Enter provide me with. All those classes that I took at their Fashion Technology Academy have made me immensely invaluable to my employer. I want to offer my heartfelt thank you for the guidance and support from everyone at Fashion Enter. It is because of the help from them that I have achieved the success that I have today."