Kini Luzolo

Kini Luzolo is originally from Kumbo Cameroon, as a child she was always interested in fashion and as a teenager she studied fashion.  After moving to England, Kini wanted to learn more about the Fashion industry and further her knowledge and design techniques, whilst searching online for a course Kini came across the Fashion Technology Acedamy, she browsed through the FTA courses and decided to attend the Level 2 Stitching academy. Kini learnt a great deal during the course and has gone on to do an apprenticeship as a machinist on the factory floor.  Since coming to the Fashion Technology Academy and learning new skills Kini has a clear idea of her future goals and now intends on buying her own sewing machine and starting her own fashion label.

Kini comments:

“I would definitely tell people to do a course at FTA because the atmosphere is good, the teachers are good and you will learn a lot, I loved my teacher”