JP - Stitching Academy Level 1

JP joined the Level 1 Stitching Academy with aspirations of launching his own fashion label. Now as he comes to the end of the 6-week course he has realised how much more the industry has to offer and wants to keep on learning new skills and techniques to further his technical ability.
He has been attending five days a week to ensure he successfully completes the course and can progress onto the Level 2 which he is now set to start this month. After the three-month Level 2 course, JP can either see himself joining a tailoring course to further perfect his art or go travelling for inspiration for his own collection. He said however whatever he decides to do his knowledge of the complete garment life cycle has been vastly improved and he now appreciates the whole concept of what it really takes to translate a sketch into a finished garment.
When asked what he liked most about the course he said it was the 'patient and flexible approach of the tutors'. He found learning in this environment very different to previous courses he has taken as everyone is so down to earth and not stereotypically 'fashion', which he really appreciates - 'you realise you have to roll your sleeves up and get the work done to really succeed'.
We wish JP lots of luck for the future and his up and coming fashion label, which we will support him with every step of the way.