Hannah McIntosh

Hannah McIntosh

My name is Hannah, I am 15 years old and I am currently doing my 1 week work experience with FashionCapital. I go to Ashmole Academy and am just about to go into Year 10. In School I am studying for my GCSE’s: Maths, English, Double Science, Art and Design , History, French and Textiles.

I have always been into fashion and the fashion industry. In the world there is so much exposure to fashion and new trends with FashionCapital helping me to explore this even further. I love seeing various fashion exhibitions that showcase all different garments made by some of the greatest designers. I purchase various fashion magazines like Vogue and ASOS.com as a collective to keep up with the latest trends.

My favourite designer is Elie Saab as his work is stunning with intricate detail and fine fabric yet he is still able to come out with a work of art. When I do finish Year 11 I hope to carry on with Textiles and Design doing many fashion associated short courses. After that I hope to study Fashion in University and hopefully get some sort of Apprenticeship.

In the future I would like to work with the fashion industry. My ideal job is to work as a creative director of a huge fashion company or work as a fashion journalist for a fashion magazine. Through my work experience with FashionCapital I hope to gain further knowledge on the fashion industry. By working in different areas of FashionCapital, I feel I will be able to understand and justify specific areas of fashion that I would want to pursue. FashionCapital is giving me a chance to see what it is like to work in the field of fashion as this is my first time ever completing work experience.


My Work Experience Diary

Day 1 - My first day at FashionCapital began with getting to know the team and the company and then meeting Jenny Holloway who took us around the whole building from the fashion studio to the factory then back up to the head office. A work placement student and I then went round to different employees to interview them about their experience working in Fashion Capital. After we had filmed the interview I then wrote an email to the website editor and she then put it up onto the Fashion Capital website.

Day 2 - On the second day I had come in and was given the task of designing my own swimming costume on the theme of travel as part of a contest. I then had written a report talking about different ideas for tutorials that would be filmed for fashion capital for their online fabric website. Lastly I wrote a review on the FCB Boutique website giving my honest opinion on what I thought about it.

Day 3 - Day 3 consisted of firstly going to a network event in Old Street, London to see how FashionCapital markets and promotes the business. After that we went to the Textiles Fair in Angel where many different manufacturers go to sell their fabrics to designers and buyers. There we took various pictures of fabrics and talked with the manufacturers about their company and fabrics. It was really insightful to see how the fashion industry works.

Day 4 - When we got back to the office we then were asked to write a blog post about the event that happened the day before with the pictures we took and put it up on the forums of the website. Our next duty was to write a report about what we believe the next trend will be by looking through Asos magazines’ etc.

Day 5 - My last day at FashionCapital was mainly to look at the latest fashion news going around the work on websites like Drapers, Vogue and Elle. I wrote about the upcoming New York Men’s Fashion Week talking about what it included and what designers had produced. My last job consisted off researching different fashion events and exhibitions that were commencing for FashionCaptial to hopefully attend to promote the business event more.

Overall my work experience at FashionCapital has really given me the opportunity to understand different aspects of the fashion industry and work in all different departments. It has also given me the chance to go to fashion events and see different designers and fabrics. Finally it has also expanded my knowledge of fashion and hopefully I can now broaden my future with FashionCapital.