George Filkins

George Filkins

George is a Machine Maintenance Apprentice here at Fashion Enter.

Completing his Level 3 apprenticeship here at Fashion Enter, George ensures that there are no faults or breaks with any of the machinery.  A vital role for any place of work, machine maintenance is crucial here at the Fashion Enter factory due to everyday use to ensure production of garments, but more importantly the health and safety of the staff.

Spending one day with our education department and four days working, George has the ability to gain hands on experience with the help of our Machine Maintenance Manager and Factory Manager Chris.

From checking the sewing machines in the FTA’s Stitching Academy to ensure they are fit for use for our students to working on the bigger industrial machinery on the factory floor, George fills a crucial role and tells us he has so far gained a wide range of knowledge working with the many different managers here at Fashion Enter. 

“I am really enjoying my apprenticeship here at Fashion Enter.   I have learnt so much in the time I have been here. In the future I want to have a lot of experience in machine maintenance and through an apprenticeship I believe I can learn this and develop my skills.”

George demonstrates how to check a sewing machine for faults below;

"Vital checks on a sewing machine includes ensuring a smooth continuous sound from the machine, especially the needle, which highlights whether it is in good condition and nothing is blocking the needle, ensuring the machine shaft completes a 360 degree turn with ease, testing the pit mit rod and ensuring the feed mechanism works correctly."