Freddy Anderson

Freddy Anderson

Introducing Freddie Anderson a business management student, who will be assisting with marketing during his 20 week placement with Fashion Capital... 

Hello I am Freddie, I am 19 years old and I’m currently in my second year at Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester studying business management. 

Upon leaving school I was in two minds weather to study History of Art or Business management. I ended up doing business management and I am very lucky in my placement year to be given an opportunity to work at a thriving business such as Fashion Capital, where I can deepen my understanding of how a large business operates which is very relevant to my studies. 

I am also interested in the creative industry and I have been lucky enough to understudy my Dad in the family antiques business F.E. Anderson& Son where I have picked up certain aspects of style through observing various different antique objects and interiors to which I think can also be related to fashion, in the way that the antiques provides an original presence to style, which has also rubbed off on me in the way of fashion where I am keen on old unique styles with quality materials such as the constitution of the bespoke men’s tailoring industry.

The opportunity to work in Fashion Capital with both the aspects of business such as marketing communication, consumer behaviour and also fashion being so important within the business will give me a great insight to how creative businesses are run which I think will be very useful to me to help me with my degree and for my knowledge after I have finished.