Dionne Thomas

Dionne Thomas has just completed level 1 Stitching academy and is now doing level 2 Stitching academy. Dionne has always been interested in fashion and studied textiles at college, Dionne found out about the Fashion technology academy through her local job centre, when her advisor noticed that she was very creative and suggested that she do a fashion course at the FTA. Dionne says she’s extremely happy that she decided to pursue a future in fashion and some of her favourite parts of the courses have been making samples for her portfolio and making a t shirt, her greatest achievement of level 2 so far has been making different components of the shirt and she is now able to make her own shirt and garment. Dionne says it has been fantastic to have the opportunity to learn about each stage of the garment making process.
Dionne’s end goal is to go further and get an apprenticeship or do tailoring whilst having her own fashion business on the side, designing and making women and menswear
Dionne comments:
“If you have a love of fashion just go for it and don’t give up, there are a lot of good experienced teachers here that will be behind you all the way and if you’ve got a passion for fashion just do it”