Coumba Diene

Coumba Diene has now successfully completed the Level 2 Stitching Academy where she further developed her garment construction and stitching skills.


Coumba became interested in fashion during her early modelling career in France. One of her friends did a course in fashion design and advised her to apply onto the course, however Coumba at the time was not available and not confident enough to participate in the course so she didn’t pursue it. 18 years later whilst at the Job Centre, Coumba came across the Fashion Technology Academy recruitment stand. Here she was informed about the ABC awarded courses and the qualifications she could gain that are recognised highly in the fashion industry. Coumba decided to visit the Fashion Technology Academy that same week to view the facilities provided and student portfolios. Coumba was enthusiastic about what she could achieve at the Fashion Technology Academy and enrolled onto Level 1 Stitching Academy course. Since then Coumba has learnt the fundamental sewing skills including, cross stitching, pleating and is able to use industry machinery such as the Over looker.

After gaining her qualification in Level 1 Stitching Academy, Coumba progressed onto Level 2 Stitching Academy. By the end of the 18 week Level 2 Stitching Academy Coumba now obtains all the skills required to create a complete garment from start to finish. She is able to tailor a shirt and incorporate features such as the collar, cuff, pocket and button holes.

Inspired by CEO Jenny Holloway, Coumba plans to create a her very own clothing line alongside clothing factory employing machinists, garment techs and pattern cutters to make her designs into garments. Thanks to her skills gained from the Fashion Technology Academy she will be able to monitor and ensure that garments are made correctly.  


“The way they teach you here at Fashion Technology Academy is very simple and clear! The tutors are amazing and really take their time to teach you about the fundamentals of sewing and garment construction, you can easily learn about overlocking, cutting and stitching!”

We have no doubt that Coumba will be very successful and we can’t wait to see her collection.