Chloe Norris

Chloe Norris

From a young age Chloe knew she wanted to work within the fashion industry.  After completing her A-Levels, she was unsure of whether university was for her and opted to complete an apprenticeship instead to gain hands on experience within her chosen field.

“For me completing an apprenticeships was the right choice, rather than going to university.”

Having been offered an apprenticeship with Topman, Chloe spent four days in the work place and one day in education here at the Fashion Technology Academy with other garment technologist apprentices.  Explaining what her role in the workplace entails, Chloe states;

“I have learnt a wide range of skills and had the opportunity to work with a variety of people from different departments which has given me insight into different careers within the industry and workplace, allowing me to see what they do and how they work.”

On her studies so far, Chloe feels confident about the future thanks to the skills she has gained!

"I'm having an amazing time at Topman and Fashion Enter has helped me further my love and interest for fashion and I hope to be able to stay in the industry… I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship!"