Chioma Onyiuke

Chioma Onyiuke is a self-funded student that has attended 3 short courses in Origami pattern cutting at the Fashion Technology Academy -  She found the course whilst searching online for somewhere she could do a pattern drafting course which is what she initially thought she wanted to do, when leaving her home country and coming to England - Chionma had the choice  between other fashion courses and colleges  or the Fashion Technology Academy, she decided to visit the Fashion Technology Academy first,  when Chionma got to FTA it was clear to her that this was as practical as it was going to get, and so decided to join  and choose to do pattern cutting level 2 - Perfect Patterns.

During her time at FTA she has learnt how to take measurements, how to map the form of the body to which everything proceeds, after learning these skills it gave her confidence to start experimenting and adventuring.

“Julia and Dawn were great, always willing to answer any questions of which I had so many because I have always been curious about clothes and about how they are structured – it was revolutionary to see how it all happened and how it all comes together”

Chionma is hoping to start her own business but gradually, she wants to experiment with what she’s learnt and practice her skills as much as she can.

Chionma  comments “It just blow my mind, when I did the TR pattern cutting course it was like wow, like a bolt goes off in your head”

Chionma also comments “This course is necessary for anyone that wants to go into design, it’s very necessary – this is a foundational course and it will help you understand what making is all about because this is the beginning of everything “

Chioma is heading back to Nigeria, where she plans on using her new found skills to create her own garments and someday have her collection shown at London Fashion Week.

It was a pleasure having Chioma attend the Fashion Technology Academy and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours