Aweis - Stitching Academy Level 1

Aweis joined the Level 1 Stitching Academy in September 2018, and having almost completed the six-week course has decided to progress onto Level 2 to further his sewing skills.
At 20 years old Aweis is clearly a creative and determined young man. Prior to joining the Fashion Technology Academy Aweis had a keen interest in art installation and through a variety of techniques created visual displays using graphic design, painting and sculpture. He was drawn to the world of fashion through his talent for graphics and the concept of printing his own designs onto T-Shirts. This lead Aweis to want to learn how to make his own T-shirts and when his friend who had also taken the course recommended he should join, the timing was perfect.
When talking about the course Aweis said he never wanted to leave the Fashion Technology Academy, he loved the environment and found both tutors May and Ana very patient with a lot of invaluable experience to share. He finds the concept of a garment coming together fascinating and as he is leaning more about the construction knows this is an area he wants to explore further, therefore progressing onto the Level 2 course is exactly the right path for Aweis.
By joining the Stitching Academy this has opened up a whole new world for Aweis, which he can see himself thriving in. His passion and skill for graphics combined with the technical expertise in garment construction he is learning on the course has huge potential to translate into a future, viable business for Aweis. We will of course support him every step of the way!