New Look Testimonial

New Look Testimonial
"New Look has been working closely with Fashion Enter on the Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship for Fashion and Textiles for over six months
During this time Fashion Enter has been fully supportive and compliant in every respect including 

The Initial Advice and Guidance - various meetings were held both at the Fashion Studio and at New Look. Each time Jenny took the time to carefully explain the pathways, the 13 units and the importance of triangulation of evidence

The interview process - Fashion Enter first helped us go live with the JD, screened all applicants via CVs, conducted telephone interviews, engaged with one to one pre-apprentice sessions and undertook the organisation of the final full day selection process. We are delighted with the resulting calibre selected

The on going course - new lecturers are now involved Kemi and Eni+ola and Nigel Rust. These are either experts in their fields or fully qualified lecturers. The work undertaken is in line with New Look job roles and there is continuous on going dialogue with our team. Both Jenny and i have been working collaboratively to ensure that what is learnt in the course is adopted at work and visa versa. For example the apprentices are have been recently looking at fibres and their characteristics, this leads very nicely into an introduction of fabric testing and analysing test reports, a key role of the garment technologist. New Look has now organised a laboratory visit for the apprentices so that they can see first hand how the test are conducted, this way what is learnt on the course becomes relevant and real.
We are impressed with the professionalism and due diligence by Fashion Enter and the Level 3 apprenticeship programme. I feel this is the one of the most significant steps New Look has taken in ensuring we have the correct talent pool for the future, I truly believe that any retailer or business who does not take up the opportunity is missing out greatly." 
New Look