Anna Bonaface - ASOS

Anna Bonaface - ASOS

"ASOS prides itself in being passionate about people and developing talent for the future. It was because of this that we jumped at the opportunity to work with Fashion Enter on the roll out of the first National Apprenticeship Scheme in apparel back in January 2011. 

We worked very closely with Fashion Enter to support the launch of the programme and we regularly discussed the scheme of work planned and attended joint meetings with CHENEL. We also ran a joint assessment day together to highlight those applicants who we thought would be ideal.

Our first Apprentices have since left us after both successfully completing their courses. One of these Apprentices, Alfie Falconer, was such an asset that she is now a permanent employee at asos, as Assistant Technologist on our specialist departments.

We have now recruited 2 new Apprentices, Emily Dale and Julia Martinez, who are already settling nicely into the Technical team, and to their course. 

Fashion Enter has been incredibly supportive throughout this time. We have regular meetings to discuss progress, not only of our Apprentices, but of the 13 modules within the course itself. We would like to consider that we have developed a solid partnership with a collaborative approach to this fantastic opportunity for young people."