Ana Cover - Stitching Academy

Name and course? Ana Cover, Level 1 and 2 Stitching Academy

What is your background?

To understand my passion for skills in garment making I will have to go back to how I started my career.

I grew up with highly talented pattern cutters and machinists so the desire to achieve at the very highest of standards was a naturally situation for me. I was very fortunate to have all that knowledge and skills passed along to me from two amazing women in my life; they knew everything about fabric being fit for purpose intended, patterns that fit to bespoke measurements and stitching that is of the highest Savile Row standard. By the time I made the decision of pursuing a career in Fashion, I was far more knowledgeable than I realised and found my degree course easy.

After I finished studying I was offered a job at Drakes London where I was involved in pattern making, construction, design and hand finishing and I stayed there for 15 years and gained an immense amount of knowledge and experience in high end Fashion.

Areas of expertise?

It is quite difficult for me to choose as I have been working in Fashion for such a long time and I genuinely love all parts of the design and garment life cycle. I think my real expertise is passing on the knowledge I have to students at all stages of their learning in a way that they understand

Why do you teach?

I teach because I have always enjoyed helping people, and whilst working at Drakes one of my duties was training new workers, and I was told by management that I excelled at training. For as long as I can remember people have always said that I should be teaching professionally as I am the most caring and patient person they have ever met. I have such a feeling of joy when you see your students face every time they learn something new, when they make a garment for the first time or when you see them grow their confidence. I do love my job in the Stitching Academy.

Why should anyone go on your course?

Since I have been a teacher here I have seen 100's of learners reach their goals and succeed in their career in fashion. I would like to think that I personally have helped realise their goals and given learners real skills for today fashion brands. We know of many of learners who have found jobs in the fashion industry as stitchers or pattern cutters and sometimes in design too. Our courses are unique because we have a live factory that is ethically approved with a Fast Forward audit accreditation for everyone to learn in. We walk ten spaces and our learners can see up to 10,000 garments being made on our production lines. There is no other place like our Fashion Technology Academy

What do I hope for my learners?

I hope that they learn the right industry standards and they gain all the knowledge they can to help them succeed in their life . We are here to support in whatever field of expertise the learner wants to achieve. I hope they enjoy my teaching as much as I enjoy teaching them and of course I hope that they will always be well and happy.

What do I do when I’m not teaching?

I love travelling, swimming, gardening and cooking but what I love doing more than anything is spending time with my family. Also I love making garments for special occasions and shopping for fabric as I like to have unique beautifully made garments to wear.