NTU Technical Residency at FCFTA Leicester

14 & 15 March 2023: It was an absolute joy to welcome 60 students from  Nottingham Trent University MA International Fashion Management course to the FCFTA Academy Leicester for a Technical Residency. 

Split into three groups Deputy CEO, Jackie Bertram, provided an overview of UK and Leicester manufacturing and the benefits of Made in UK. The students then had the opportunity to experience how to make a garment end-to-end – from selecting the right fabric quality for their chosen design; lay planning and cutting and then making the garment using industrial sewing machines. The final garment was then industrial pressed. 



This provided the students with insight into the technical skills required to make a garment. 

Feedback included:

“It was an amazing experience. The mentors are friendly and very helpful.”

“Amazing teachers who really encouraged and helped.” 

Jackie commented: “It’s amazing what can be created in just three hours. This workshop really supports with understanding the skills needed in a factory and how the role and skills of a garment maker are essential in the industry.”

If you would like to consider a Technical Residency – we can offer skills and industry expertise in: 

  1. Focus on Patterns (example of content) 
  • Principles in creating a perfect pattern
  • Timelines and cost 
  • How to cut 
  • How to make amendments to an existing pattern/block 
  • Top tips to engineer a pattern into a cost price 
  • Process from design specs to production samples 
  • How to discuss patterns with suppliers (Terminology/meeting/processes) 
  • How to be production ready 

Others topics: 

  1. Focus on Garment Making 
  1. Focus on Development and Samples 
  1. Introduction to Industrial Sewing and Garment Making 

These workshop can be adapted to meet the needs of education and industry alike.

If you would like to know more please contact: divya@fashion-enter.com