Primark Attend First CPPD Course

Primark Attend First CPPD Course
Employees from Primark joined us for their first CPPD workshop this week.  Spending two full days here at the Fashion Enter factory, the group had the opportunity to learn about the garment lifecycle, see how a factory works and also try their hand at practical sessions.

Starting their first day of CPPD training, Jenny Holloway, CEO, welcomed the trainee technologists to Fashion Enter, starting off with an overview and introduction of the company before discussing the garment life cycle in relation to central management systems.  

Leading a tour of the factory, key elements including observation skills for compliance, how a factory operates, considerations for a retailer when dealing with factories, how AQLs are conducted in the factory environment and a demonstration of the quality control process were highlighted and demonstrated.

Upon finishing their tour of the factory and time with Jenny, the group were presented with the opportunity to have a practical session with one of our pattern cutters.  Here they had the ability to discover how fitting sessions impact a factory's lead time, see working examples of incorrect fits for fitting sessions, see examples of faulty garments and find out how to correct the issues, evaluate reasons of poor fit and review patterns.

On their second day of the CPPD course, the Primark employees started off with a review of what effects quality of production, before starting their second practial session, which saw them using industrial sewing machines in the Stitching Academy.

With our experienced Stitching Academy tutors, the group discovered the main machines that are used within garment production and also had the opportunity to practice a variety of sewing techniques to produce a range of stitching samples, measuring and cutting of basic patterns.  Guided by the tutors, they were able to identify what is good and poor quality by the end of their session.

Having completed their CPPD, feedback included;

"This CPPD has taught me pattern cutting skills, sewing skills and a good understanding for how to communicate with suppliers." - Sinead, Trainee Technologist

"The course has taught me so much about construction, production and pattern drafting.  This training was invaluable." - Brid, Garment Technologist

"I've learn about problem solving with fit, stitches and when applicable in products, how to improve fit and factory processes and possibilities.  The Fashion Enter factory is really well run and a great place to see the factory processes." - Louisa, Trainee Technologist

"The CPPD has taught me so much about improving fits for trousers and tops.  I really found the sewing on industial machines very beneficial." - Susan, Trainee Technologist

"It was excellent to have a chance to work with and learn from people with so much experience, thank you!  I've now learnt the process of setting up the line, auditing and a variety of fit probles and solutions." - Igor, Trainee Garment Technologist

"I have learnt about timing on a production line and training on pattern issues.  It was really imformative and helpful. Excellent help in answering any questions." - Kate, Trainee Garment Technologist