FashionCapital and Fashion SVP Announce Finalists!

FashionCapital and Fashion SVP Announce Finalists!

FashionCapital and Fashion SVP Announce Finalists!

IDEX, the organisers of Fashion SVP,  announced a new initiative to support up-and-coming British fashion talent with the launch of the Fashion SVP New Designer Award. The award will highlight the depth and diversity of design skills, and will feature a cash award and other benefits to enhance the winner’s professional profile.

Having received a number of designer entries, we can now confirm the top three entrants are (L-R);

Esther Oluka

Dilara Karaca

Sally K Boutique

Their designs will be made-up as fully commercial pieces and will go on display at the Fashion SVP Gallery. The overall winner will be selected and announced at the show on Tuesday 27th June.

On being selected each commented;

"I am so excited to be a finalist in the SVP New Designer Award and loved the opportunity to see one of my designs be brought to life.  I studied Fashion Marketing and worked in Fashion PR for four years before deciding to start designing again, I completed the Perfect Pattern course at the stitching academy earlier this year with the hopes create my own label and utilize my pattern cutting skills as well." - Esther Oluka

"Being a finalist in the Fashion SVP New Designer Awards is a significant achievement in my career, and is also an opportunity for me to develop my understanding of design on an international scale.  I will be able to learn more about British Fashion, which has also been a wonder of mine.  I completed a bachelor’s degree in İzmir University of Economics - Fashion and Textile Design Department with 100% scholarship in 2016. During undergraduate education, I experienced various design internships and temporary works. I joined international design fairs and workshops. For scholarship of European master degree programmes, I participated in some fashion design competitions in Turkey and I was a finalist in some of them. Now, I am a women’s wear designer, based in İzmir. I improve myself on idea of saving artistic influences on ready-made clothing. At the same time, I work as merchandiser to learn about business area of fashion.  The award gives me a great hope and chance about future of my career." - Dilara Karaca

"I am really pleased to be one of the finalist, considering that It is my first entry in a fashion competition.  I am proud of myself for such achievement. To be honest, I've never thought that one day, my designs would be acknowledged by the fashion industry as you know It is one of the toughest business to be in.  I have studied fashion in Toulouse (France) where I am originally from. I came to the UK (1996) to improve my English and find work in fashion. It did not go according to plan and I ended up doing other jobs to finance my brand Sally K Boutique which was founded in 2006.  As a founder and designer from Toulouse, who has found inspiration living in Toulouse, Paris, and London. I am really excited to share my passion and creations with you.  Finally, I would like to be recognised as a talented designer and get my clothing line into major department stores. If I do succeed, this would be my biggest achievement." - Sally K Boutique 

Congratulations to the finalists!