Fashion Enter - A Week in the Press!

As the most anticipated event of the fashion calendar London Fashion Week kicks off today you may have seen Fashion Enter grace your television screens discussing British manufacturing and the importance of skills training in the UK.

At 8.00 this morning footage of the Factory and Fashion Studio featured on Sky News with Production Manager Caroline Ash talking about the success of the Factory and how demand for British Manufacturing was on the rise with more retailers seeing the benefits of taking their production back to the UK. The Factory at full capacity with the order books complete for the next 8 – 10 weeks is proof we can compete with factories overseas!



Review the footage here 

In addition Jenni Sutton Development Manager and Razina Bapu Pattern cutting Apprentice were both invited to take part in a panel discussion on the Victoria Derbyshire show on BBC at 9.15 this morning.  The topic in light of LFW was around British design talent, manufacturing and the impact of Brexit. Joined by Editor of Grazia and two designers Jenni explained that although we have incredible design talent we must remember it has to come back to the technicalities of creating a garment and understanding how a 2D sketch can be translated into a pattern and then constructed to create the final garment.




Review the discussion here - episode 17/02/17 at 9.15am

In week where Fashion Enter has been in the spot light from the Evening Standard article to Sky News and BBC 2’s Victoria Derbyshire Show we are excited about the future of British manufacturing and the much needed skills training of the next generation. 


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