Alternative Routes Into The Fashion Industry

Alternative Routes Into The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is huge and multi-faceted. If you just see it on TV, in ads, or on billboards, you’d think that the fashion industry is only for the young and beautiful. And even though this is the demographic that fashion media tends to elevate, fashion is part of our daily lives as human beings. 

There is no one in the world who isn’t reacting to notions of fashion in some way, in the way they act, dress, or carry themselves. Ideas about fashion pass around without being spoken. Everyone is aware of ideals like “attractive” or “cool”. Whether they happen to ascribe to these ideas, or rebel against them, is another thing entirely. But these decisions, no matter what they are, are in some way a reaction to the way people in general live their lives. That’s what fashion is. It’s bound up in our culture and there’s nothing that we can do about it.

That being the case, there are plenty of ways you can get paid to be a part of the fashion world. You don’t have to be a model or a famous designer to do it as everyone usually assumes. You just have to be passionate and active, have opinions and a point of view. Here are two ways that you can create a vocation in the world of fashion, no matter who you are.

Beauty and fashion go hand in hand, beauty techniques and trends are at the centre of the fashion industry and really finish off the look. While notions of beauty change over time, they are what cosmetology is all about. Marinello Schools of Beauty is just one example of places where you can learn more than the basics about how to make people look how they want. They’ll equip you with skills and experience so that you can begin to sculpt how your customers look for a particular shoot or catwalk show. By being really good at the evolving craft and trends of beauty, you can become a central figure in your area’s beauty scene. People with a cosmetology skillset set are some of the most important people in the world of fashion. Some people are born good looking - but it takes a team to keep them looking their best.

Cosmetology school isn’t the only alternative route into the fashion industry. Photography and blogging is one of the best and most popular careers taking over within the fashion world. Go to any event and you will soon see the herds of fashion bloggers and flashes from cameras. If you have skills in these areas (or even if you don’t), you should start writing about and photographing/filming the things that you think are relevant and beautiful and of interest to you.  By doing so, you’ll have journalistic importance in the fashion industry. Journalists usually shouldn’t be considered fashion insiders, per se. Rather, they react to trends and opinions within the fashion industry. It’s not uncommon for this journalistic relationship to be a little combative and critical. And that’s OK. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. By telling it like it is, you’ll have a hand in shaping what fashion develops into, that’s the beauty of bloggers by having their own platform they can be a little harsher in what they think works and will carry over to the world of everyday.

If you’re more into photography, you can do work like Bill Cunningham, elevating and bringing attention to the kinds of fashion that you think are good.